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about our blanket cleaning:

We are moving from our Laurel, MD location (in Outback Leather) to Sykesville, MD. Only the Equine Blanket Cleaning division of Outback will be moving to OUTBACK EQUINE LAUNDRY our new location. Outback leather will stay in Laurel on Main St.

In 2017 you will still be able to drop off and pickup your blankets for cleaning at the Laurel, MD. location, or call us for pick up services. We already have an extensive pick up service in your area, all you need to do is call for pick up (from Frederick, MD. to Southern, MD.)

Just contact us to be added to our pick up and drop off list (10 blankets minimum). Call 301.604.2211. or go online MDOutbackLeather.com. We will also be scheduling pick ups at Tractor Supply and Southern States locations in your area on certain days for those of you with fewer blankets.

still easy as #1 - 2 - 3

It is still as easy as 1, 2, 3 for blanket cleaning this year from Outback Equine Blanket Cleaning:

  1. Go to MDOutbackLeather.com. In the left sidebar, click on “Blanket Tags”. There are three (3) blanket tickets to a page. Print Page #1 for the Tickets Only.

  2. Completely fill out One (1) tag per blanket with your name, farm name, phone number, and what you need done (e.g. Wash only, Wash & Waterproof (recommended, we use the best stuff on the market, not what others add to the wash), Wash, Waterproof & Repair. It is best to mark this box as it authorizes us to repair if needed ,we will repair up to $25.00 without a authorization (we can’t call everyone for a simple snap or rip).

  3. When you are ready, call us (or have the farm call us) and we will schedule a pick up in your area (or you can drop them off at either of our locations.

Remember - It is best to clean your blanket at the end of the season so the summer heat doesn’t bake in all the dirt, feces, and urine (that is what rots the materials and eats up the waterproof coating). We assure you:

  • We use the best, eco-friendly products on the market.
  • We have tried and tested everything out there.
  • We color match patches and
  • Waterproof with the greenest waterproofing on the market.
  • We are a 95% water recovery facility with a solid reputation for over 15 years and growing.
  • We also wash coolers, saddle pads and leg wraps.

Outback Equine Blanket Cleaning is the only one that offers a multiple blanket discount with free pick up and drop off in your area (certain radius applies). There is a $25.00 fuel surcharge if you are out of our pick up radius.

Call 301.604.2211. for more info or to schedule a pick up in your area or check out MDOutbackLeather.com. We also offer an invoice for your barn when your blankets are complete, and for those of you who wish to pay by credit card to expedite delivery, you can call ahead.

Thank you in advance for using our services. Remember, Outback Equine Blanket Cleaning is the most professional cleaning service that washes, repairs & waterproofs, and offers pick up and drop off service in your area, and we have been for the last 15 years. Just ask anyone.

Deanna Sargent
Outback Equine Blanket Cleaning
Sykesville, MD 21784
Phone: 301.604.2211
Email: OutbackLeather@aol.com

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